Hello everyone!

We are so thrilled to open our doors to each one of you during these troubling times with the COVID-19 pandemic and we still want you to enjoy Puerto Rico while being safe in our surroundings and common areas. So here is what we are doing for the safety of each one of our guests. 


We have placed throughout our hotel hand sanitizer stations to keep it clean when going to the pool, or getting a bite on the restaurants nearby. Be sure to always have one with you when going out.


We will be taking temperature to each person entering our hotel just to confirm the temperature is not too high that it may be a fever, if you feel sick by any chance, please let our Front Desk Team be aware to take the proper attention needed.


Our pool is open to the public, but we are limiting it to be available for a room for a period of two hours. We are assuring this for the safety of each person in the hotel. Our personnel will be there when the schedule time is finished to disinfect the tables and chairs.


We are limiting the housekeeping service until checkout. Made to secure the guests and the employee, if towels are needed, contact our Front Desk Team and it will be made available and the used one will be needed to be put in a bag given. 


For more information on what is happening in Puerto Rico such as curfew, establishment available and other COVID-19 inquiries, visit