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Updated March 12, 2022

Hello everyone!

We are so thrilled to open our doors to you during the COVID-19 pandemic and we still want you to enjoy Puerto Rico while being safe in our surroundings and common areas. So here is what we are doing for the safety of each one of our guests. 


As established by the new Executive Order 2022-019, starting March 10, all travelers to Puerto Rico are not required to present vaccination card nor negative test upon their arrival to the island. Neither is requested to fill out the Traveler Declaration Form on their visit as well. 

The use of a face mask is not require unless the business requires it. At our hotel, you are free to choose to use it or not on the outdoor common areas, like the pool and rooftop. In small closeted spaces we do ask of you to use it for the health and safety of all of our guests.

Important, even though the Government is being flexible, we still would like to remind that the pandemic is not officially over and that you keep social distance from other guests or be cautious in your surrounding.

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Como establecido en la nueva Orden Ejecutiva 2021-062, comenzando el 10 de marzo, todo viajero que visite Puerto Rico o huésped que venga a hospedarse en nuestro hotel no se le requerirá la evidencia de vacuna o prueba negativa de COVID-19. Tampoco se le estará solicitando a los viajeros en completar la Declaración de Viajero en el aeropuerto ni en nuestro hotel. 

El uso de la mascarilla ya no será obligatorio, al menos que un negocio privado lo solicite para la admisión. En The Ivy Hotel, no se estará solicitando el uso de la mascarilla en áreas comunes al aire libre, como la piscina y terraza, pero si en espacios cerrados para la seguridad y bienestar de nuestros huéspedes.

Importante, si nuestros huéspedes no presentan algunas de las dos opciones al momento de hacer registro, tomaremos las medidas necesarias para asegurar el bienestar y seguridad de todos nuestros huéspedes y equipo de trabajo.


We have placed throughout our hotel hand sanitizer stations to keep it clean when going to the pool, or getting a bite on the restaurants nearby. Be sure to always have one with you when going out.


Our pool is open to the public, and we do not have a limited time of it being use, but remember to keep social distancing when other guests are in the area. 


We are limiting the housekeeping service to be given upon requested. This modification has been made to secure the guests and our employees well being and safety. If towels are needed, you may request them by contacting our Front Desk Team and it will be made available.


For more information on what is happening in Puerto Rico such as curfew, establishment available and other COVID-19 inquiries, visit

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