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  • Ricardo De Jesus Bueno

The Ivy Hotel Condado. A Project in the Making

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Since 2019, The Ivy Hotel at Condado was just an idea, but now a reality. After earthquakes, a pandemic and many stops, we are happy to introduce our little Project that had a lot of innovation though of our guests.

The hotel front view.

Located in the Magdalena Avenue

Our hotel provides the opportunity for you to relax and feel tropical while staying in the heart of Condado.

The Ivy Hotel offer simple yet modern and fresh style in every room, with 26 rooms that have that unique style, simple amenities and relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a goodnight sleep. Rooms like Modern King, Fresh Double Twin and our Tropical Double Queen that were created in mind to satisfy our guest from. check-in until their departure.

What can you expect when visiting The Ivy Hotel?

Promote the idea, values and plans for the new hotel brand and promote the brand idea. Explain the social medias platforms and expose the direct offer that persons can find on the website or on the newsletter.

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