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New Year. New Experience.

Happy 2021! It is exciting and yet, a little nervous to celebrate a new year, after the year we had, everyone is intrigued by what the future may bring. But, nevertheless, 2020 showed us that we need to take the time to sit down, take a deep breath, and relax.

Some may say that 2020 brought a lot of sad moments, lockdown, a pandemic, and so on, and they are not wrong. But it also brought us together to our family, to connect with the things that really matter, our friends, classmates, and the experience we thought for granted. 2020 made us learn the hard way, that we need to stop for a moment, and breathe in all the positive energy, experiences, and exhale all the negative. Between the COVID-19, online meetings, and group calls and chats, we all are a little tired and maybe frustrated with everything that happened this past year. And yet, still find the time to save the moment, appreciate the little things and hope for a new decade to come filled with new experiences, adventures, and hope for all.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has not ended yet, we feel that the atmosphere has changed for the better, that there are better moments yet to come and new adventures await. Who knows? Maybe you'll get the promotion your waiting for or maybe win the chance of a lifetime opportunity. This may be the year you are waiting to open your business, travel the world, or find the love of your life. The possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit. Live the moment, take the chance, and experience life as you have always dreamed of.


Puerto Rico, where your adventure awaits.

With this new year to come, we hope that you get the chance to experience Puerto Rico and get to know why we are called the Island of Enchantment. Take on the adventure and live in the moment, visit Flamenco Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world or walk on the streets of the over 500 years old city of Old San Juan. Your experience will be endless and the days won't suffice, but surely we will be here to receive you and guide you to the best experience we can offer between and beyond our walls at The Ivy Hotel.

We hope that this year brings you all the experience, adventures, joy, and everything you desire. That 2021 exceed your expectations and that you take a moment to just let it all in and exhale all the negativity out.

From your family at the Ivy Hotel at Condado, Happy New Year!

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