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A guide for your visit to Culebra

Did you know Puerto Rico is called “The Island of Enchantment”? Really, and without a doubt it is…just imagine the history, the culture, and the incredible views and environment that surrounds us. You can almost say, we got it all, beaches, rivers, gastronomy, forests, and so much more. But today, we are going to talk about one of those attributes we get to have on our island, Culebra.

Culebra is a small island that forms part of the archipelago that is Puerto Rico. Home of Flamenco Beach, known as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean. Now, to get to Culebra from The Ivy Hotel at Condado is a journey, but the experience you’ll have will be unforgettable.

Hector is the protector of Culebra, the one that seeks safe passage from the main island to Culebra and back. Be sure to spot Hector on your trip to Culebra near the dock when arriving the island. This amazing picture taken by @evo_photography_pr on Instagram.
Hector The Protector

How to get there?

You’ll need to get up early to enjoy the day at Flamenco Beach at Culebra because getting there is over a 2-hour trip, but hey, the early bird gets the worm. To get to Ceiba, the town where you’ll get the ferry to visit Culebra, you may either have to rent a car, get a Uber or a taxi or buy a plane ticket to visit the small island of Culebra (we truly recommend renting a car). When you arrive at Ceiba, you will visit the Roosevelt Roads Base, once used by the American military back in the 1900s. After that, is a smooth sail onto Culebra.

You’ve arrived at Culebra! That’s awesome! One step closer to Flamenco Beach, one step to having that tropical sensation and to enjoy the sandy beach of Puerto Rico. To get from the pier to the beach, you can get a local bus driver to take you there for an affordable fee, plus crossing from the pier to Flamenco Beach you can get to see the little town of Culebra, the people walking on the side of the street and experience the culture of this little island. When you arrive to Flamenco Beach, be sure to get a nice spot under a palm tree, or for those that like to get tan, just relax on the white warm sand (remember to use sunscreen). Later, if you want to enjoy a nice meal, there are kiosks right next to the beach where you can order Puerto Rican fritters like bacalaito, pinchos, pionono, alcapurrias, and the list goes on and on… Be sure to try the shark or the Mahi-mahi- they’re delicious.

Picture taken at Flamenco Beach by @sousa_pr on Instagram.

What to do in Flamenco Beach?

There are a ton of things you can do during your day at the beach, like snorkeling or scuba diving (be sure to ask at the Front Desk for tours on Culebra). Maybe take a stroll down the beach before going back to the pier, where you can spot some pelicans, or just relaxing under the sun. The possibilities are endless, but the experience is yours to make. If you take a stroll down the beach, you will surely get to see an old tank that was used by the military, don’t worry is not working, it’s just there, hanging around.

When the day is almost to an end, don’t forget to save the moment with some great pictures, breath in the Tropical Life, and remember to #GetTropical

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